Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The SSRS Document Map


So, you need to create a large report with multiple objects, tables, and graphs.  Most likely the business user will want this output to Excel, PDF, or Word.  It will be very annoying for the user to have to scroll to page x in order to see that certain graph or chart.  It would be nice to have a table of contents or some other type of bookmarks for a user to navigate to the section they desire.

To solve this need, SSRS has a feature called the Document Map!  It allows you to configure document map labels on certain sections and objects on the report and will render this map while viewing the report in the browser, or when exported to certain formats.

From TechNet:
The document map is intended for use in the HTML rendering extension—for example, in Preview and the Report Viewer. Other rendering extensions have different ways of articulating a document map:
  • PDF renders a document map as the Bookmarks pane.
  • Excel renders a document map as a named worksheet that includes a hierarchy of links. Report sections are rendered in separate worksheets that are included with the document map in the same workbook.
  • Word includes a document map as the table of contents.
  • Atom, TIFF, XML, and CSV ignore document maps.
For a nice demonstration see Wise Owl's Youtube video here:

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